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Placement Opportunities

A lot of candidates tend to think that once the written entrance test is cracked, your entrance to the B-School of your dreams is assured. However the important thing to realize is that a good written score is just half the job done. GD/PI forms a key element in the entire evaluation process of a candidate. Even in the CET process, GDPI carries about 14-15 % of the overall weight age in terms of the number of marks, and can be the key difference.
To serve the purpose of education, IO have designed a special executive workshop for students graduating towards professional life.
This workshop shall be conducted by professionals who have 8 - 10 years of experience in the industry.
This workshop mainly involves:

One on one basis corporate interview by industry experts
Personalized feedback to every individuals
Assisting individuals in overcoming their weaknesses
Some important corporate do’s and don’ts
Seminar on corporate etiquettes.
Building effective resumes

Our main USP is to “Deliver quality at economic cost”

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