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Barmy Voyage

This program has been designed for the students at primary section. The main objective of the trip is to give them Comfort, Care, Safety and Fun Games providing nurtured knowledge. During this trip the students shall experience such life skill like:

Self- management,
Enhance self-esteem,
Overcoming shyness,
Communicating clearly,
Building relationships,
Concentration, etc

Such skills shall be imparted completely through outdoor learning. Some of our learning activities activities can be showcased on request.

Every year hundreds of Primary schools put their trust in IO to provide the perfect school trip for their pupils.

Our residential visit experiences are packed full of educational and fun activities designed to inspire and delight young pupils whilst providing real peace of mind for teachers and group leaders.

“If a child is not motivated to learn and engage early on in life, the more likely it is that when the child becomes an adult, he or she will fail in social and economic life. The longer society waits to intervene…the more costly it is to remediate...”

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